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Cutting machine


  1. The main frame of the machine is made by square profile steel with a strong structure, high strength and no deformation.
  2. The machine have horizontal and vertical cutting devices and can realize 3-direction cutting, i.e. horizontal, vertical, Longitudinal cutting.
  3. The machine adopts frequency control to realize a large range (0-4m/min) of stepless speed adjusting, which is suitable for the low-speed cutting and high-speed retracting.
  4. Adopts PLC and touch screen controls, the line achieves fully automatic running with photoelectric sensor switches. Material feeding, layering, cutting and cutting off runs at the same time which ensures a high continuity and improves cutting efficiency greatly. It needs only 2 to 3 people to operate the whole line. Equipped with high quality device and working stations, to keep the machine has a higher cutting accuracy. Realize automatic working, Cutting and packing.

Cutting density range: 4-40kg / m3

Cutting speed:  0-3 m / min

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